The Importance Of Professional Car Detailing, And What Happens If You Don’t

The Importance Of Professional Car Detailing, And What Happens If You Don’t

The Importance Of Professional Car Detailing, And What Happens If You Don’t

Posted on May 6, 2022

Is Auto Detailing Essential?

Many of you might still question the importance of car detailing. But let’s face it, as every driver may testify, when our cars look good, we feel good! Other than that, a professional auto detailing doesn’t only make your car look great, but it also helps protect its paint. 

If you’re still not sold on the idea of having a top-to-bottom thorough cleaning of your vehicle using specialized tools and products, check out the benefits of this habit, as well as the consequences of not doing it regularly.

Sure, as a car owner, there’s a lot you need to concern yourself like changing the oil regularly, replacing worn-down brake pads, or checking the battery’s charge. But while car maintenance services are important if you want to spend more time enjoying your ride, the main reason for detailing is not just so that your vehicle looks good. When you have a good protective coat on the exterior finish, the car is easier to clean. This will also keep the finish from degrading in the UV (sunlight) and from elements like acid rain, oxidation, or salt.

Did you know for example that cars that never get waxed start to lose micro layers of paint? Over time, the paint loses all its shine, turns dull and gets to a non-restorable point where you need to get your car repainted. This will not only make your car look older than it is, but it can also decrease its resale value when the time comes to sell your car.

And if you are still not convinced about the importance of detailing your car, look at it this way; a professional car detailing will always be cheaper than having to get a new paint job because the coat was damaged through neglect.

For those of you wishing to maintain that “like new” shine year-round, in this post we will explore the nuances of car detailing.

What Does It Mean When A Car Is Detailed?

Especially when you are the owner of a brand new car, the importance of car detailing might seem like a foreign subject. Or maybe you are not even sure of what this process actually means. So in case you are wondering “How do professionals detail cars”, here’s a breakdown of what detaining includes:

Unlike a typical car wash which tends to be a superficial cleanse, detailing involves cleaning and reconditioning the exterior and interior of the car in a more thorough and restorative way. This process usually includes dirt and grime removing, paint protection coating, interior detailing, complete polishing, and enhancement services like anti-brake dust coating, headlights restoration, windscreen coating, or engine bay detail. Just one word of warning here. When I talk about car washing, I never recommend an automatic one. Automatic car washes damage your car’s surface, and in time, will lose all its shine.

When it comes to interior car detailing, most professionals will clean all surfaces inside the car along with windows, wipers, seats, and leather areas. They might also use specialized treatments such as anti-pest fumigation or activated oxygen that removes all the odors inside. Windows are cleaned and buffed inside and out, and smooth finishes are coated with the appropriate protectants.

How Often Should Cars Get Detailed?

Ok, so maybe we have you convinced of the importance of car detailing. But how often should you do it to make sure that you keep your car in the best condition?

I personally recommend that you clean your car monthly and have a professional detail two times a year, with “do it yourself applications” in between. While professional detailers will definitely be more thorough, there are many things that car owners can also easily do by themselves at home. The procedure shouldn’t be too difficult once you have the right products which technically will do the most of the job.

I know that as a consumer, standing in front of the myriad of shampoos, polishes waxes or ceramic sprays that profess to miraculously restore your car can be quite overwhelming. While I can definitely say that there are no miracle products out there, there are still some brands which understand the need to always keep their promise regarding quality, price and customer service.

For those of you who understand the importance of car detailing, one of the brands I feel the need to mention today is Nexgen. I am sure that many of you have already heard about this brand, which is highly popular among car lovers due to its impeccable quality.

I have been a fan of Nexgen ceramic spray since day one and I must say that this product really gets the job done. With this product, you just need a good shampoo like Nexgen Ceramic Soap to wash your car and that’s it, you are ready to roll!

With Nexgen ceramic spray all it takes is a simple application to get your car looking better than before. Applying this product on your car makes it harder for dirt, tree sap, insects, and other debris to stick to the car while also making the surface simply shine afterwards.

Last Thoughts On The Importance Of Detailing Your Car

Whether you’re a passionate driver or you simply use your auto to drive from home to work, a clean car will add to both your pleasure and the vehicle’s longevity.

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